Premium Jubbah For Men

Thobe For Men

Experience Islamic elegance with our men's collection: Thobes, Jubbas, and Omani Dishdashas. Shop Alhaya Fashion for tradition meets contemporary style. Quality, comfort, and sophistication in every piece. Buy online now! Authentic Emirati Thobes

Islamic One stop Shop

Whether you seek traditional Islamic clothing like thobes for men, jubbas, and dishdashas, elegant women's abayas, or adorable kids' thobes, Alhaya Fashion is your ideal destination. Beyond attire, discover Islamic gifts, exquisite home décor, and products promoting better health, all aligned with Islamic values. At Alhaya Fashion, we provide a comprehensive lifestyle experience, catering to those who wish to enrich their lives in accordance with their faith. Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect gift, our diverse collection reflects the essence of Islamic culture and values, ensuring that your lifestyle choices resonate with tradition and elegance.

Modest Women Clothing


Elevate your style with our modern women's Abaya collection, including included hijab for effortless coordination. From everyday modest clothing to glamorous party gowns. each piece is crafted with quality and designed to empower your modest elegance.

Islamic Home Décor

Beautify your home with our stunning home décor collection. Create a serene, spiritual atmosphere with our wall art, metal and wood collections that feature the beauty of Islamic calligraphy and values. Warm your home with a reminder of your devotion, and give the best gift of all: Pass on your values.

Halal Supplements

Discover the essence of Prophetic Medicine with Unique Herbs – your source for halal supplements and high-quality products. Inspired by the wisdom of prophetic traditions, we are devoted to studying nature's therapeutic benefits to bring you the best in holistic wellness.

Islamic Attire

Explore Alhaya Fashion's exclusive collection featuring Thobes for men, Kids Jubbas, and Women's Abayas – the ideal choice for Ramadan or Eid wear. Our carefully curated selection ensures perfect modest clothing, embodying the essence of Islamic attire. Elevate your style with our premium offerings.



Add an inspirational touch to any space.


Athan Clock

Bring home the Athan Frame. Bring home the promise of making Islam a constant and consistent presence. Homes where our children are no strangers to the call to prayer. Well-versed with the Athan and the Iqamah, well-attuned to the prayer timings that anchor each day. They rise to pray five times a day. Isn’t this the legacy we want to leave behind?  

The Athan Frame is a means to nourish a love for Allah, His Prophet (ﷺ) and Islam, within each home. A reminder to never miss a prayer; never miss a conversation with Allah again.

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